Something about Puerto Rico and Incentives- Act 20 & 22

Island Life- Puerto Rico is not only a beautiful and vibrant  island with an amazing topography, Its people are known for their warm hospitality, often considered very friendly and expressive to strangers.  Its culture has been greatly influenced by its history. With the blend of Taino indians, Spanish, African, European, and American cultures, comes a melting pot of people and traditions.  You can observe it through its architecture, food, music and art.  Living in Puerto Rico is amazing!!

In the middle of the Caribbean there is a Spanish-speaking part of the United States.  Or more accurately, an unincorporated territory of the United States.

Puerto Rico's population is mostly white (76%), through 12.5% are black or African American.  Spanish is the dominant language.  Roman Catholicism is the largest denomination (38%) through a majority of the population are protestant, with 28% Pentecostalists, 4% Baptists, and 18% members of other denominations.

Puerto Rico has a tropical marine climate, which is mild and has little seasonal temperature variations.

Puerto Rico is mostly mountainous, although there is a coastal plain belt in the north.   The mountains drop precipitously to the sea on the west coast.  There are sandy beaches along most of the coast.

Since Puerto Rico is a USA territory, travellers from outside the United States must meet the same requirements needed to enter the Unites States.  For travel within the Unites States, there are no passport controls between the U.S. mainland and Puerto Rico or Viceversa. The currency is the dollar.

San Juan is the capital.  Old San Juan remain partly enclosed by massive walls, with notable forts.  The second city is Ponce is very attractive to visit on foot.  There are also attractive beaches in Aguadilla, Rincon, Luquillo and in Isabela.

"A law named Act 22, designed to entice investors and high-net-worth individuals to move to Puerto Rico, with incentives including tax exemptions, has resulted in almost 600 people moving to the island since 2012", said Jose Villamil, an economist and chairman and chief executive of Estudios Tecnicos, an economic and consulting firm in San Juan.

Extraordinary new tax incentives makes living and working in Puerto Rico more enticing than ever before for U.S. citizens.   These new laws established a legal framework of incentives designed to estimulate the establishment and development of a wide array of ventures, among them manufacturing, social media, other internet-based operations, commercial businesses, and the export of services.  We can plan a meeting between you and a top Puerto Rico lawyer who can explain these incentives.

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Americans retire in Puerto Rico

  Puerto Rico is an American territory.  Some people find that this might not be the only reason to consider moving to this particular beautiful island.  Most americans come to the island to retire for the tax breaks, for the easy adjustment, for a lower cost of living, for the climate, and because it's closer than you think.  Palmas del Mar on the east coast, has become a favorite among those relocating from the U.S. mainland.  This giant gated resort community encompasses two golf courses, tennis courts and a riding center, not to mention a wide choice of ocean front homes.